Please read the policies outlined below.

ISB Student Policies – Class of 2017
As we enter the second half of the course at ISB, companies are going to ramp up efforts towards their visit to campus for final placements. Over 300 companies are expected to visit ISB over the next 6 months on campus to recruit you.

Chances are you haven’t been part of a career fair of this scale before and chances are you will never be again as well.

Campus placements have been happening at ISB since 2002 and this will be the 16th placement cycle at ISB..

Inputs are taken at the end of each placement cycle from both recruiters and students on what worked well and what didn’t Inputs are taken at the end of each placement cycle from both recruiters and students on what worked well and what didn’t work well and is added to the policy document to ensure a degree of fairness.t work well and is added to the policy document to ensure a degree of fairness..

The Final Interview Form or the FIF is the central document around which offer records revolve and is the equivalent of an agreement. It is a one page document.

FIF Document – Annexure-1 (sample FIF/Blue Tag FIF)

The FIF form consists of 4 parts.

  •  Part – I of the FIF contains the elements of the offer details discussed during the final interview along with the recruiter signature
  •  Part – II of the FIF contains the student’s signature confirming that s/he has fully understood the terms on which the company may make an offer. If an offer is made by the company the student will receive it as one of the two offers which s/he is eligible for. However, signing on Part II of the FIF neither makes it mandatory for the student to accept the final offer nor the recruiter to make a final offer. Signature on Part 1 and Part 02 of the FIF is not applicable for the Blue Tag Job postings
  •  Part – III The company representative’s signature here and submitting the form to CAS (Career Advancement Services Department) confirms that the company is making an offer to the student on the above terms. CAS makes the formal announcement on the placement portal. As soon as the offer is broadcasted as per the official time lines, student his/her offer counter reduces by 1. Student gives his decision of accepting or declining before the deadline on the placement portal and it is also mandatory to sign on Part – IV of the FIF which will be given by the CAS office
  •  For “Blue Tag” job descriptions, there will not be any signatures of FIF-Part I and Part – II as in regular FIF. A company will directly give the part III Signed FIF to the CAS, it will automatically be considered as an offer for the student. For example, if a student has two “live” offer counters and appears for a “Blue Tag” interview then in case s/he is made a job offer by the company, the student’s offer counter will decrease by 1.

For the purpose of placements at ISB, the term offer means,

A recruiter’ s decision to hire the student at the end of their Placement Process comprising filling up the Final Interview Form (FIF), getting it countersigned by the student, signing the order format and handing over the same to CAS. A company making an offer to a student without the students consent does not constitute an offer, (This is to ensure that a company does not make 2 random offers to a student and then have him debarred from placements on account of the 2 offer policy) except in the case of blue tag job offer.

    • Final Interview Form (FIF)- At the end of the final interview post negotiations, the recruiter and the student to whom they are considering making an offer will sign an FIF. The recruiter is free to make offers to as many students from among those who have signed the FIF’s.
    • A student is not supposed to inform his/er salary or offer details to other students. This will be a violation and students will be barred from the placements. And such instances will be informed to the respective company and the repercussions may be the offer can get withdrawn.

Blue Tag Job/Offer and Blue Tag FIF
There are companies that have a set management trainee program across campuses or other roles and with a prefixed compensation for all (may be with a range of two lakhs). They hire people with a relatively narrow range of experience (say 1 to 4 years).

Companies, who are not in a position to negotiate the salary, post their jobs as Blue Tag jobs. The job is marked with a Blue Flag and the FIF in this case has a blue marking on the top right corner. In this case the part two of the FIF and client signature on part one are absent since the details of the offer are already known at the time of applying to the Blue Tag Job.

Offer Eligibility

Each student of the Class of 2017 will be entitled to a maximum of 2 offers or the acceptance of one job offer, whichever happens earlier.

Pre Placement Talks (PPTs) ((August onwards)
Companies conduct Pre-Placement Talks to talk more about the roles within the organization, culture of the company, growth prospects, success stories and provide a chance to know the organization and the role from an insiders perspective.

Representatives who visit campus for PPTs are often more senior than the people who will eventually visit to recruit. It is an important part of the campus hiring process

  • Time slots for PPT vary by day of the week
      • Monday to Friday
        from 19:30 hrs to 20:30 hrs
        from 21:00 hrs to 22:00 hrs
      • Saturday and Sunday
        from 09:00 hrs to 22:00 hrs

Note: Sometimes depending on the client requirement, PPT’s may happen at different timings. It has been seen that companies tend to infer interest on a campus from the number of students who attended the PPT and the respect given to them by the attending set of students. Keeping this in mind a few policies have been put in place for PPTs

  • Students are required to be present in Smart business casuals or formal attire for PPTs. No slippers, shorts, spaghetti strap dresses, etc. are allowed for PPTs. Students not in the appropriate dress code will not be allowed to attend the PPT and consequently the rolling application counter will decrease by 1.
  • Students cannot leave while the PPT is in progress.
  • CAC and concerned clubs will nominate two students each, who will be responsible to receive, conduct the event and formally send off the recruiter.
  • A detailed PPT attendance policy and PPT etiquettes have been forwarded by CAC.

Pre Placement Offer (PPO) Policy

Students, who receive a pre placement offer (PPO) from the organisation where they have done their ELP (Experiential Learning Programme), will inform CAS and PGP Projects Office (Post Graduate Programme), within 24 hours of receipt of the same.

  • This would be treated as ONE offer, under the CAS policy
    • If the student accepts the offer, it would be treated as an “Accepted Offer” and immediately move out of placement process.

Grade Disclosure Policy

  • Consistent with the School's Confidentiality policy, only the PGP office, will have access to student grades/CGPA. It is the student’s  prerogative to divulge their grades/CGPA in the context of recruitment. It is important that:
  • a)  The student discloses the CGPA accurately by selecting the CGPA option in the Job apply page while uploading the resume. In case student want his grade to appear on your CV 
  • b)  The automated option will pick only the latest available cumulative CGPA of term announced bye ASA department or as requested by recruiter. Use this method ONLY to report  your latest CGPA.  
  • c)  DO NOT resort to manual reporting of your manual grades under any circumstance. Correct/ incorrect / inaccurate reporting of grades is a serious offence and will attract strict penalties including, and not limited to getting debarred from campus placements.    

CAS presentations/Open houses:

Periodically CAS & CAC will be regularly making presentations/ open houses to share important information to students.
It is mandatory for all in-process students to attend the CAS presentations and make use of it.
The students who are not part of placements or who are out of placements are not supposed to be part of these sessions. Else honor code may be implemented on them.
Any student using abusive language, loose talk or misbehavior with the CAS staff or CAS, the student will be referred to the honor code committee.

Resume Policy - Annexure - 2

  • After  4 years of placements most recruiters are unbiased towards a particular campus. None the less, to be consistent with the one school philosophy, students should not provide any information in their resume which directly or indirectly indicates the campus (Hyderabad or Mohali) they are from. This includes information like address, location, landline number or any other information that is deemed to have been included only for indicating the home campus. The decision of CAS is final in this regard
  • Incase students have to apply on Recruiter website and if the location/address is mandatory field you can mention the same. But the resume/application which student upload on CAS Placement Portal and the recruiter websites where the fields are not mandatory, they should not mention details as indicated above.

Application (Expression of Interest [EoI] and Resume) Policy

A student application is for a job description (JD)/posting (JP) and not for a company.

  • Job descriptions posted by companies will be identified as “Open” or “Blue Tag”. For the Blue Tag Job descriptions, elements of job description (Designation, Function, Location and total CTC (within a range of Two lakhs) - Fixed and Variable) are clearly indicated and hence are not negotiable. For Open Job descriptions, the recruiter would be willing to discuss the terms and conditions with the student during the interview process.
  • Students should upload their Application [customised resume + EOI (wherever applicable)] in one PDF document for consideration to recruiter’s job postings.
  • Students are accountable for all the information that he/she mentions in their application. Any misrepresentation of fact is a serious violation and will be taken up by the ISB Placement Honour Code Committee.
  • Students should submit Applications only for opportunities that they are serious about. Once a student submits an application, it will be taken as the intent of the student to join the company if an offer is made by the company (after all negotiations)
  • Students cannot apply directly to recruiters who have confirmed their participation in the placement process. Please speak with the respective CAS Corporate Relations Person for the company where something different is to be pursued.
  • For any matter that affects the placement process for the Class, students cannot contact the recruiters directly which are mentioned in the CAS master list or the companies registered on the CAS placement portal
  • CAS will monitor the application counter of each student. The live application counter will differ for international and domestic company/jobs which are explained as under:

For International Recruitment:

  • The maximum number of rolling live application counters for a student would be 5
  • Once a student signs the first FIF (2nd part of Final Interview Form or complete final round of Blue Tag job) the number of rolling application counters would be reduced to 3 which includes the application for which the FIF is signed
  • Once a student signs second FIF s/he would be out of international placements and would only be eligible to sit on Day 1 of Domestic.
  • Signing on the second part of the FIF  or attending final round of the blue tag job by a student need not result to an offer.
  •  After day1 and once all the international and domestic offers are opened if the student is still in placement process, s/he can apply to International jobs, even if he had been out of International placements before day1, as per the 2 FIF policy (ie) if the student does not get any offer by end of Day 1, or get only 1 domestic offer and declines it.

For Domestic Recruitment:

  • The maximum number of rolling live application counters for a student would be restricted as mentioned in the table below.
  • At the end of Day 1, or subsequently, any student who has 2 or more offers (includes international offers) or accepts 1 or rejects both, will be deemed to have moved out of the placement process.
Application Counters



Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5 & Later

Live Counter







Shortlist cap 5 6 6 6 6 6

Live counter means, When an application is in either of the below of the stages, it is considered to be a blocked counter, a.  In process,  b. Shortlisted  c.   Waitlisted   Once the application gets not shortlisted at any stage as mentioned above, the application counter gets released and s/he can apply for another job.

Any student getting 2 new companies will get 3 counters after Day 1. These company should have registered and posted jobs. And this should be approved by the concerned CR/CAS. Any student attending more than 15 PPT’s will get 2 additional application counters post day 1 for one of the placement days as the student desires. Further for every 5 more PPT attendances, student will get 2 more counters i.e. 2 counters after completing 15 PPT’s, 2 more after 20 PPT’s and so on. The additional 2 counters cannot be used for same placement day as used earlier. If a student gets 2 counters after attending 15 PPT's, he uses them in Day2 and if the same student gets 2 more counters after attending 20 PPT's, he cannot use them for Day2, he can use them for Day3 or later. The same additional counters philosophy applies for 3 additional counters for getting 2 new companies. These counters also cannot be used for Day1 or same day as other additional counters already used or viceversa.

Each student is eligible to have not more than 3 Domestic FIFs where companies are willing to offer and student has not signed the FIF part 2. If this count reaches 3 he will not have access to the placement portal. He should write to Director CAS and get permission to apply to Specific jobs. Discretion of the CAS Director is final.


ISB Placement Honour Code (Policy)

The ISB Placement Honour Code is applicable during the entire placement process. Consistent with The ISB's core values and beliefs, CAS Office expects all students to maintain the highest standards of ethics, integrity and professionalism in dealing with recruiters.
As an ISB student participating in the placement process

  • Student should represent himself/herself in a truthful manner. An example of violation of this clause includes falsifying the information in the resume. Falsified information may include positions held; honours obtained; experience claimed; role played in ELP/PAEV etc. Resumes are subject to random checks. Any suspected case will be referred to the Career Advancement Council. The possible offences can be categorized into three levels.
    • Level 1 - Not attending PPT's even if the student has registered or assigned, not adhering to the dress code and misbehavior during the PPT. In such cases the rolling application counter for the student reduces by 1.
    • Level 2 - Soliciting recruiters who are maintaining a line of contact with CAS and students trying to present his/her own case to the company. In such cases the application counter will be reduced by 2
    • Level 3 - (a) Falsifying information in the resume. Falsified information may include positions held; honours obtained; experience claimed; role played in ELP/PAEV etc. Resumes are subject to random checks and recruiter feedback on such misrepresentation will also be subjected to scrutiny. (b) Any attempt to negotiate on blue tag job posting. (c) Any other cases not mentioned above but effect the relationship with the recruiter or the image of the school will also be covered as Level 3 violations. In such cases, the student will be debarred from the placement process.
  • Student should personally uphold and abide, in theory and practice, the values, purpose, and rules of The ISB Placement Honour Code
  • Student should report all significant violations to the Placement Honour Code Committee comprising of Director CAC, 2 members of CAC Core team, 1 additional member of GSB core, Associate Director CAS Process and Director CAS.
  • Student should respect the rights of all in The ISB community

Withdrawal Policy

Students who receive One Offer, and intend to accept can choose to withdraw from subsequent interviews, (This is to benefit fellow batch mates) they-

  • Should inform CAS about withdrawals from interviews 24 hours ahead of the interview. Not informing 24 hours ahead, may necessitate their participation in the interview for which they have been short-listed
  • cannot withdraw from an interview till they have an offer

Rolling Placement & Interviews Policies:

ISB Follows the Rolling Placement Process:

a) to avoid undue stress and to give students more time to decide
b) to help students in making optimal offer choices.
c) to increase quantum and quality of offers

The Day1 is on  25th and 26th November  in Mohali and Day 2&3  is conducted on Dec 31st to 7th Jan 2017 in Hyderabad. Any company visiting before Day 03 will be called as a DAY 02 company, and the offers made by such company will be announced on the same day evening after 1800 hours, or once the process is completed.

List of Day1 companies for Co2017 would be made available few days in advance.

Interviews will start from 8:00 am onwards.
The placement dates schedule is as below: Companies list for any specific day will be given only 48hrs before the specified placement day

Subsequently the Placement process will continue till March 31, 2017.

  • If a recruiter comes for interviews at a later date, than its tiering, only students who are still in the placement process can be interviewed
  • Students can get a total of 2 offers (inclusive of the PPO) or accept ONE offer
  • Students cannot arrive late for the interview or cancel interviews already scheduled. Any cancellation will have to be communicated directly to CAS Office prior to 24 hours of the interviews start time for that company.
  • Students who do not attend interviews without prior intimation, would be one offer down and depending on the severity of the case may be debarred from further participation in the ISB placement process


While most companies reimburse students for travelling to their office for interviews, some do not. While CAS always works to have the company reimburse this cost, a firm may decide that the cost of travel should be borne by the student. As a result, further negotiations pre and post travel would not be possible in such a case.


For any placement day, a cap on shortlist (6) will be applicable. As soon as a student reaches a cap of 6 shortlist, s/he will not be allowed to apply any further. If there are any inprocess applications and further shortlist comes, student will be given an option to decide among them and other shortlist will be removed from the portal and the same in communicated to the company.


Intercampus Travel Policy

  • The Travel Policy for Interviews at the sister campus is as follows:
    • 100% of actual travel, lodging (at ISB) reimbursed to the student by ISB, in case the recruiter is unwilling to do a VC.
    • In case the recruiter is willing to do a VC no reimbursement would be given
  • In case there is travel involved, the interviewing student is expected to seek the necessary leave approvals from ASA, and make appropriate travel arrangements, which will be reimbursed by the ISB through CAS . International travel/ lodging for interviews other than to the sister campus whether domestic or international, if applicable, would not be reimbursed by the ISB.
    • The bills with proper supporting's have to be submitted in CAS office within 15days from the return travel. the terms & conditions and the claim from are provided in annexure 4

Exchange students policy

Part of placement: The students who are travelling on international exchange should provide the CAS office with the following details.
Name of the School, University, Location, Time difference with respect to India, Skype ID, local Mobile no, VC details if any.
If shortlisted, the student has to attend the interview via skype, only if client agrees for the same. The interview schedule would be made as per the recruiter choice and student has to follow the same. Every effort will be made to accommodate for time differences but these situations tend to be fluid.

If agreed by the company the mode of interview can be Telephonic/Skype/VC as per the recruiter choice.

If the offer is made by the recruiter, the filled in FIF will be sent to the student and the same has to be printed, signed, scanned and send back the copy to the CAS office -

Students who have been placed : While a student may already been placed there may be some joining formalities or a need for the recruiter to be in touch. Therefore such students before leaving the campus for international exchange are to provide the following details to the CAS office.

Name of the School, University, Location, Time difference with respect to India, Skype ID, and local Mobile no. Please also check your ISB email address on a daily basis.

Additionally, the student needs to share the copy of the offer letter with in 24 hrs from the date & time of receipt.

International Recruiters

CAS Office will allow certain International recruiters/teams to participate in the placement process earlier (before November 23, 2016), because of logistical and scheduling issues faced by them In such cases, the FIF being made by these companies will be opened and shown to the student. If s/he wants to keep the FIF, he needs to acknowledge the FIF by signing the second part with in the time specified. This will become one offer if confirmed by the company. If student does not sign, it is considered that the student is not interested in getting the offer and the offer will be lapsed and can go to another student. A final offer is made and announced to the students only at the end of the day one of placements (November 26, 2016), and will be treated as one of the 02 offers a student can receive.

For any International Company that does not revert back with the result of the applications within 15 Days from the expected shortlist date or from last communication, the live counter for that role will be opened for all students who have applied to that role.

Policy for Senior Students
As senior students may have to attend multiple rounds of interviews, CAS will process the profiles of students with 8 and above years of work experience before the normal placements. These students will move out of the placement process if they receive two offers or accept one.

Students with Niche/Specialised experience
Students who have very specialised pre ISB experience or those who would like to work in specialised areas are advised to meet with CAS early and discuss their specific requirements. This will enable CAS to target specific companies that such students are interested in.

Offer Acceptance Policy

  • Once the student has a total of 2 offers or accepts ONE offer, they are deemed to be out of the placement process. Even if a student rejects both of his/er offers, s/he will be deemed to have moved out of the placement process.
  • If a student receives the offer directly, s/he should inform CAS Office within 24 hours of receiving the offer.
  • Post offer clarifications on compensation or other issues are to be done directly between the student and the recruiter.
  • All students should get CAS clearance before the Graduation Day and submit their offer document, along with their joining date (even if it is tentative)

Offer details on the Exit

The student who has received an offer and accepted the offer has to share the copy of the offer letter for the School records. The offer can be through CAS or of an independent search. This has to be shared before the Exit from the Campus. The offer details thus shared will be confidential with the CAS Office.

Incase offer letter is received post - graduation, the same has to be shared with the CAS Office as soon as the student receives it.

Policy on Reneging an Offer

Reneging on an "Accepted Offer" through CAS placement process is a serious breach of ethics and student will face following action.

  • Students who renege an offer will lose Alumni privileges for a period of 5 years (who does not join or leave within 6 months of joining the company)
  • ISB retains the rights to publish the names of the students, reneging offers.

Offer Revoking by the company

If an offer is revoked by the students misbehavior or mis-deeds or by informing the offer details to any others except the CAS office, the student will be barred from the placements too

If an offer is revoked by the company for their internal reasons, student will be brought into the process and will be given an opportunity to get one more offer.

Student cannot request for a delayed joining as per his wish (any date beyond June) , this will be as per the business needs and student will have to adhere to the same. Exception to those students who are on ISB exchange program and the same should have been communicated to CAS and the Company at the time of offer discussion/acceptance or earlier and not later.

Placement Portal
The placement Portal is the online tool where all recruiters will post jobs, students will upload applications, recruiters will announce shortlists, interview schedules will be announced and offers will be uploaded

  • Students must familiarise themselves with the ISB Placement Portal. Please attend the demonstration workshops on how to use the ISB Placement Portal which will be coordinated by Career Advancement Council (CAC)/CAS. Students should ensure that they are conversant with placement portal and also in converting word documents into PDF, as all applications to jobs need to be in .pdf format only
  • Students should save their applications ((Resume + EOI (wherever applicable)) in one PDF file) by the First_Lastname_PGID while applying on the Placement Portal. As placement has provision to upload only the PDF document for each job/role.
  • Students must adhere to all the deadlines - Application, Offer Acceptance, etc. The system automatically blocks all Applications after the deadline. Students are to ensure that they complete the application process well in advance to avoid last minute problems. Hence students are advised to ensure that their applications are uploaded at least 30 minutes before the deadline. Application upload/re-upload/withdrawal deadline time for any job posting posted on the placement portal would be 12:00 Noon IST, unless otherwise specified.
  • All Placements related events will be marked in the placement website calendar & dashboard. No individual mail will be sent or phone call made, in this regard.
  • An application can be withdrawn before the application deadline from the website
  • Students need to change the status of offer (accept or decline) by themselves online. Also student must come physically to the CAS office (Process Team) before the offer acceptance deadline date and time, mentioned in the Final Interview Form to confirm the offer status. Both online and physically signing is mandatory and should be completed before the deadline.

Policy for Independent Job Search

Once CAS Office has a good idea of the companies coming to campus, the exhaustive list would be released to the students and they are free to apply on their own to all companies not mentioned on the list and also not to companies registered on placement portal.

  • Students following this route of placement must confirm to CAS Office about the companies they are negotiating with and/or offers received and in case of acceptance latest by November 20, 2016 or within 24 hours from the date and time of receipt or acceptance.
  • Students following this route will still be bound by the CAS Policies.

All students have to obtain Clearance from CAS Office by submitting photo copy of their offer / appointment letter etc, to be eligible for their Final PGP Certificate.

PGP Placement Policy Committee
For Class of 2017 a Placement Policy Committee has been set up.

The objectives of this committee are:

  • To create & finalise the Placement Policies for the year.
  • To ensure that the policies are communicated to all the stakeholders - CAC members, Students & Recruiters.
  • To implement the policies during placements in the spirit in which they were created.
  • To ensure fairness and transparency in the placement process.

The committee consists of the following members:

Munish Sapra - Chair
Professor Amit Nandkeolyar
Professor Arunachalam
Professor Krishnamurthy Subramanian
Ashalata Devi – Director (FARO)
Ashish Khanna – CAC Director Mohali
Nikhil Gumbhir – Student representative, Mohali
Suhrid Palsule – CAC Director, Hyderabad
Shyam Nambiar – Student representative, Hyderabad
Uday Virmani – Convenor

Schedule of events for the Placement Policy Committee

A. Setting up Placement policies valid for Class of 2017
B. During placements there would be:

  • Formation of two groups each consisting of two Placement Policy Committee members, one CAS member and one CAC member.
  • Each group would be available as per schedules set up by the chairperson.
  • These groups would resolve any grievances, etc of students with respect to placements.
  • The decision of this group would be final.
  • The members in the groups would be decided by the chairperson of the Placement Policy Committee.

The tenure of the committee would end with the placements for Class of 2017.
The Committee will meet as and when required to take decisions regarding the Placement process for the PGP.


Career Advancement Services Office
Indian School of Business
AC 01 Level 01
Hyderabad - 500 032
Telangana, India

Mohali: Tel: +91-172-4591890/1822
Hyderabad: Tel: +91- 40-2318 7687/7523
Fax: +91-40-23007030

For any clarifications related to the placement policy, please write to

Monday - Friday : 0900 hrs to 1700 hrs