Career Advancement Services

Placement Policies for Students

PGP Class of 2021

The Placement Policies of the Indian School of Business for the Class of 2021, as framed by Career Advancement Services (CAS) Office comprise the following details:

  • Pre-Placement Talks (PPTs), CAS presentations/Open houses
  • Placement Portal
    • Student Offer Policy
      • Pre-Placement Offer (PPO) Policy
    • Grade Disclosure Policy
    • Resume Policy
    • Application Counters
    • Placement Schedule
  • ISB Placement Process Discipline Policy
  • Exchange student’s policy
  • Offer details on Exit
  • Policy on Reneging an ‘Accepted’ Offer
  • Policy for Independent Job Search


Pre-Placement Talks (PPTs)

Companies conduct Pre-Placement Talks to provide more information about the roles within the organization, the culture of the company, growth prospects, success stories and provide a chance to know the organization and the role from an insider’s perspective.

PPT in the present scenario of Covid-19

All the PPTs will be conducted through Digital platforms: Zoom and/or WebEx or any other means as decided by the school or the company. Attendance will be captured through lists on Zoom or WebEx or MS Teams.

Students should not drop out from the sessions while the recruiter is presenting.

  • Time slots for PPT vary by day of the week (and can vary from the indicative time given below)
  • On the days of classes or exams                – from 19:00 hrs to 20:00 hrs

– from 20:15 hrs to 21:15 hrs

– from 21:30 hrs to 22:30 hrs

  • Non classes days                                        – from 10:00 hrs to 23:00 hrs

Note: Please note that the above timings are indicative only. Sometimes depending on the client requirement, PPTs/Sessions may happen at different timings or during the class. Only students who are not in the classes will be allowed to attend these sessions. Sometimes it may also happen that a last minute reschedule of class might happen which might clash with an already scheduled PPT/session. In such cases only those students who are not in that class will be allowed to attend these sessions.  Also, note that the timings mentioned above are indicative and will depend on the availability of slots as per class schedules and other events.  Depending on the requirement and number of companies interested in conducting the PPT’s/Sessions, we may conduct parallel sessions also.

It has been seen that companies tend to infer interest on campus from the number of students who attended the PPT and the respect given to them by the attending set of students. Keeping this in mind a few policies have been put in place for PPTs:

  • Students are required to be present for the entire duration of Online PPTs. Students who do not attend the PPT assigned to them or walk out in the middle of the PPT could invite penalty of their 1 counter being docked.
  • CAC and concerned clubs will nominate two students each, who will be responsible for welcoming the guests and conducting the event.  
  • PPT attendance policy and PPT etiquettes must be followed as per CAC/CAS communication.

CAS presentations/Open houses

  • Periodically CAS & CAC will be making presentations/open houses/and communication through emails to share important information to students. CAS team will do presentation on policies and placement portal.
  • It is mandatory for all in-process students to attend the CAS presentations and make use of them. The students who are not part of placements or who are out of placements are not supposed to be part of these sessions.
  • During open-house and interactions with the school administrative staff and management team, students should conduct themselves in a professional manner. Any unruly behaviour during such interactions will be treated as a Disciplinary violation and may lead to getting debarred from the placement process or as decided by the Placement Disciplinary committee.
  • Any student using abusive language, or misbehaving with ISB staff, will be referred to the Placement disciplinary committee.


Placement Portal

The placement Portal is an online application where all recruiters will post jobs, students will upload applications, recruiters will announce shortlists, interview schedules will be announced and offers will be updated and broadcasted, etc.

  • Students must register on the placement portal by mentioning their interest in participating in placements.  They also will have to provide details of their job status like resigned, sabbatical etc.
  • The same needs to be updated in the consent form on the placement portal initial pages which has been made online with signature facility.
  • Student account will be activated once the CAS maps the details provided in the consent form and online.
  • Students must familiarize themselves with the ISB Placement Portal. Hence, they need to attend the demonstration workshops on how to use the ISB Placement Portal, which will be coordinated by CAC/CAS.
  • Students should save their applications [Resume + EOI (wherever applicable)] in one PDF file saved in Firstname_Lastname_PGID format while applying on the Placement Portal as placement portal has provision to upload only the PDF document for each job/role.
  • Students must adhere to all the deadlines - Application, Offer Acceptance, etc. The system automatically blocks all processes after the deadline. Students are advised to ensure that their applications are uploaded at least 30 minutes before the deadline to avoid last minute hassles.
  • Application upload/re-upload/withdrawal deadline time for any job posting posted on the placement portal would generally be 10:00 AM IST, unless otherwise specified. Please follow the server time mentioned in the portal and not the system time. A provision for check resume is given to check whether the format used is correct or not. Students are encouraged to use this for all applications.
  • All Placements related events will be marked in the placement portal calendar & dashboard. No individual mail will be sent, or phone call made, in this regard.
  • Application modification can be done any number of times before the application deadline but not after.
  • An application can be withdrawn before the application deadline from the portal and not later.
  • Students can take the decision to accept or decline their offer through the placement portal.
  • Query Management System is provided in the placement portal which can be used by students for getting their queries answered. Students are requested to check the repository for already answered questions.



POLICY - Each student of the Class of 2021 will be entitled for 2 Decision offers.  However, on a given day a student will be construed out of placement process:

  • If receives two or more decision offers
  • If accepts one, decline others
  • If receives two and decline both
  • 3 Acceptable offers

Which ever happens earlier from the above. However, student receiving one offer must decline the offer to sit for interviews on the subsequent placement day

Companies can generate the offer digitally by 4 PM on each placement day, and students must take a decision on the offer (Accept/Decline) on the portal by digitally signing on the 4th part of the FIF.  The stipulated time frame to confirm the offer status will be indicated on the portal at the time of offer broadcast.

PROCESS OF MAKING AN OFFER – Companies can make offer/s only through digital mode this year. The Final Interview Form (FIF) will be made available on the ISB Placement portal.

FIF document, is the central document in which offer details are recorded by the company and decision on the offer is made by the student. Both the parties (Company representative and student) can do digital signatures.  

FIF sample format – Annexure-1

The FIF form consists of 4 parts.

  • Part 1 – Initiation of offer terms during Final Interview - which contains the details of the offer discussed during the final interview, negotiated, along with the offer acceptance deadline and recruiter’s digital signature
  • Part 2 - Understanding of offer terms by the studentthis part contains the student’s signature confirming that s/he has fully understood the terms on which the company may generate an offer. If an offer is made by the company, the student will receive it as one of the two Decision Offers which s/he is eligible for. Signing on Part 2 of FIF makes it mandatory for the student to take a decision on the offer, in case the recruiter has generated the offer by signing the 3rd part of the FIF. However, there is every likelihood that even though the 1st and 2nd part have been completed by the recruiter and the student, the recruiter may choose not to generate an offer by not signing the 3rd part.
  • Part 3 - Generation of the offer by company - The company’s representative fills & signs the digital FIF and submits the same to CAS (Career Advancement Services Department). By doing so, confirms that the company is making an offer to the student on the above terms.
  • Part 4 - Decision on the offer by the student - CAS makes the formal announcement on the placement portal at the end of each placement day. As soon as the offer is broadcasted, student gives his/er decision of accepting or declining before the deadline mentioned on the placement portal. Offer decision by the student will be communicated to the company.


Companies are encouraged to make waitlist offers to students as against roles. Companies are requested to use the same digital process to generate the waitlist offers.

PROCEDURE TO GIVE A VIRTUAL OFFER - A detailed SOP for online interview and offer/waitlist generating process will be sent at least 15 days before the placement date.


Pre-Placement Offer (PPO) Policy

Students, who receive a Pre-Placement Offer (PPO) from the organization where they have done their ELP (Experiential Learning Programme), competition, or through any other process, will inform CAS and SEAL (Student Engagement and Applied Learning), within 24 hours of receipt of the same.

  • A PPO will be treated as ONE Acceptable offer, under the CAS policy.
  • All PPO offers will be opened or announced as per the date of submission either on Day 0 or Day 1 or on subsequent rolling placement days

A detailed PPI/PPO policy is provided in the Annexure 2.

Grade Disclosure Policy

Consistent with the School's Grade Confidentiality policy, during the PGP course only the Academic Services and Administration (ASA) office will have access to student grades/CGPA. It is the student’s prerogative to disclose their grades/CGPA in the context of placements. It is important that:

  • The student chooses to disclose the CGPA accurately by selecting the CGPA option (ticking the checkbox) in the Job apply page while uploading the resume. This is applicable only in case if student wants his/her grades to appear on the CV.
  • The automated option will pick the latest available CGPA of the term announced by ASA department or as per the earlier terms requested by the recruiter. Please use this method ONLY to report your CGPA. Any other form of informing CGPA on the resume will be a violation of Placement Policy.
  • DO NOT resort to manual reporting of your grades/function-wise grades under any circumstances. Reporting of grades manually is a serious offense and will attract strict penalties.
  • For matters related to grades and graduation status of students, please direct the recruiters to obtain the details directly from the Registrar’s office. CAS’ intervention is not required.

Resume Policy – Annexure -3

After 8 years of integrated placements, recruiters are neutral in their hiring and do not distinguish candidates based on campus. Further to be consistent with the ‘One School – Two Campus’ philosophy, students should not provide any information in their resume which directly or indirectly indicates the campus (Hyderabad or Mohali) they are from. This includes information like address, location, landline number, email id, mobile number or any other information that is deemed to have been included only for indicating the home campus or contact details of the student. The decision of CAS is final in this regard

  • In case students has to apply on Recruiter website, and if the location/address is a mandatory field, you can go ahead and mention the same.


  • Application (Expression of Interest [EoI] and Resume) Policy

A student application is for a specific Job posting of a company.

  • Students should upload their Application which consists of customised resume + EOI (wherever applicable) in one PDF document.
  • Students are accountable for all the information that they mention in their application. Any misrepresentation of facts is a serious violation and will be referred to the Placement Disciplinary Committee. Recruiters can take appropriate action if any misrepresentation is found at any point of time during the students’ background verification check on joining the company.
  • Students should actively apply for the opportunities that they are interested in.
  • Students cannot apply directly to recruiters who have confirmed their participation in the placement process or are part of the Do Not Touch List. Please speak with the respective CAS Corporate Business Development (CBD) members for the company where the student is interested in pursuing separately.
  • For any recruitment related matters pertaining to a company, kindly connect with the respective CBD member.

Application Counters:

The application counter for a student are explained and mentioned below:

Job wise or Company-wise counters:

Job wise counter implies that for every job of a company an application will entail consumption of one counter.

E.g.: if company A posts 2 jobs and is tagged as a job-wise counter, and if a student wishes to apply to both the jobs, 2 live counters are consumed

Company wise counter implies that if a student applies to multiple jobs of the same company, only one counter is consumed for that company on that specific placement day.

E.g.: if company B posts 2 jobs and is tagged as company wise counter, and if a student wishes to apply to both the jobs, only 1 live counter is consumed for that placement day. If the jobs are for different placement days, one more counter will be used for another placement day.

Application and shortlist counters:

Live Counter: Live counter means unused counter (not yet applied) and blocked counter (application is in- process, shortlisted or waitlisted). An application in either of the below stages is a blocked counter.

  1. In-Process
  2. Shortlisted
  3. Waitlisted

If an application of a student is ‘not shortlisted’ at any stage as mentioned above, the application counter gets released, and the student can apply for another job.

Shortlist: For any placement day, a cap on shortlist will be applicable or as indicated in the counter table. As soon as a student reaches a cap of shortlist, s/he will not be allowed to apply any further. If there are any in-process applications and further shortlist comes, student will be given a preferences option to decide among them, and other shortlist will be removed from the portal, and the same is communicated to the company.

During Placements, student are scheduled for interviews as per the shortlist counter. Students are required to attend at least one interview for every company that they have been scheduled for. In other words, students cannot skip the first round of interview with the company that they are scheduled for the day. This is being done to ensure that students do not skip/miss the interviews that they have been scheduled for and our commitment to the companies that they will be able to meet all the shortlisted candidates is fulfilled.

The penalty for not adhering to the above (attending interviews with all firms scheduled) would be that if you have received an offer/s, your offer/s will be withheld from publication.

PPT Counter:

Any student attending 15 PPTs/sessions will get to cover 1 counter, which might have been lost by not attending PPT/sessions earlier. Further for every 10 more PPT attendances, student will get 1 more counter replenished.

  • Attendance for these events will be captured; low attendance of the student will be subject to counter deduction.
  • A detailed PPT policy has been floated by CAC.

A detailed SOP for Online interview process will be shared closer to the interview dates.

ISB Placement Process Discipline Policy

The ISB Placement Process discipline policy is applicable during the entire placement process. Consistent with the ISB’s core values and beliefs, CAS Office expects all students to maintain the highest standards of ethics, integrity, and professionalism in dealing with recruiters. As an ISB Student participating in the placement process:

  • A student should represent himself/herself in a truthful manner. An example of violation of this clause includes falsifying the information in the resume. Falsified information may include positions held; honours obtained; experience claimed; role played in ELP/PAEV etc. Resumes are subject to random checks. Any suspected case will be referred to the placement disciplinary committee. Falsifying information on any outside the class activity while in ISB can be verified and cross checked with the data maintained by Student Engagement and Applied Learning team (SEAL).
  • Possible offenses can be categorized into three levels.
  • Level 1 – Not attending PPTs even if the student has registered or assigned, misbehaviour during the PPT or logging out of the PPT when the session is On or happening. In such cases, the rolling application counter for the student reduces by 1.
  • Level 2 – Soliciting recruiters who are maintaining a line of contact with CAS and students trying to present his/her own case to the company. In such cases, the application counter will be reduced by 2.
  • Level 3 – Falsifying information in the resume. Falsified information may include positions held; honours obtained; experience claimed; role played in ELP/PAEV etc. Resumes are subject to random checks, and company’s feedback on such misrepresentation will also be subjected to scrutiny.
    • Any other cases not mentioned above but affect the relationship with the recruiter or the image of the school will also be covered as Level 3 violations. In such cases, the student could be debarred from the placement process.
  • Students who fail to apply for jobs on the portal for continuous 30 days will be moved out of placements.
  • Students who have been shortlisted for 30 jobs but have not been able to convert any job after getting those shortlists will be deemed to be out of placements.
  • Students who have less than 20 applications overall as per the cut-off date* will be considered out of Placements
  • Students who have less than 10 applications after Placement Week by the cut-off date* will be deemed to be out of Placements.
  • After Placement Week, students who fail twice to complete the assignments or cases given by the companies post shortlist announcement will be moved out of placements.
  • The student will be allowed only for 6 Shortlist after the placement week. This condition is valid subject to an overall upper limit of 30 shortlists during the entire placement season.
  • Parents, spouse, friends, and partners are not allowed to be present in the interview panel area/online interview rooms or interact with the recruiters. Such conduct will be treated as a violation of the Placement Process Discipline Policy.
  • During open-house and interactions with the school administrative staff and management team, students are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner. Any unruly behaviour during such interactions will be referred to Placement Disciplinary committee for further course of action.
  • Students are refrained from writing company process information or salary details or related to placement process on social media or web. Companies complaints in this regard swill be handled by the Placement Disciplinary committee.
  • Students cannot do Audio or Video recording by inbuilt or external device during interview/ placement process
  • A student should report all significant violations to the Placement Disciplinary Committee. The committee comprises of CAC Directors, GSB Directors, Associate Director (Program Manager), Associate Directors - Strategy and Execution, CAS Director and SEAL Director.
  • Cut-off date*: April 30, 2021; reminders will be sent 15 days before.

Placement Schedule for Class of 2021:

The Placement Week is scheduled between Feb 25 and Mar 07, 2021.

Any company coming after Placement Week will be considered as company visiting on Rolling placement day, and such company offers will be announced on the same day evening after 1800 hours, or once the process is completed.


Placement Portal will be closed for maintenance on July 1, 2021

  • If a recruiter comes for interviews later than the day that they have been tiered for, only students who are still in the placement process can be interviewed
  • Students cannot arrive late for the interview or cancel interviews already scheduled.
  • Students who do not attend interviews without prior intimation and approval from CAS Director, would be one offer down and depending on the severity of the case may be debarred from further participation in the ISB placement process

Exchange student’s policy

  • Students who are still part of placement when they go on Exchange: The students who are traveling on international exchange should provide the CAS office with the following details:
  • Name of the School, University, Location, Time difference to India, Skype ID, local Mobile no, VC details if any.
  • If shortlisted, the student must attend the interview online or any other mode as indicated by the recruiter. The interview schedule would be made as per the recruiter choice, and student must follow the same. Every effort will be made to accommodate time differences, but these situations tend to be fluid.
  • If agreed by the company, the mode of interview can be Online/Telephonic/Skype/VC or any other mode as per the recruiter ‘s choice.
  • If the offer is made by the recruiter, the online offer process is followed.
  • Students who are out of placements when they go on Exchange: While a student may have already been placed, there may be some joining formalities or a need for the recruiter to be in touch with. Therefore, such students also before leaving the campus for international exchange are to provide the following details to the CAS office.
  • Name of the School, University, Location, Time difference with respect to India, Skype ID, and local Mobile no. Please also check your ISB email address daily.
  • Additionally, the student needs to share the copy of the formal offer letter within 24 hrs from the date & time of receipt.

Offer details on Exit

All students should get CAS clearance before the Graduation Day and for getting the exit clearance, should submit the formal offer document received from the company, along with their joining date (even if it is tentative).

A student who has received and accepted an offer, must share with CAS the copy of the offer letter along with joining date, for the School records. The offer can be through CAS or through an independent search. This must be shared before the Exit from the Campus. The offer details thus shared will be kept confidential with the CAS Office.

In case offer letter is received after graduation, the same must be shared with the CAS Office as soon as the student receives it.

Policy on Reneging an ‘Accepted’ Offer

Students cannot request for a delayed joining as per their convenience (any date beyond September 2021). Joining dates will be as per the business needs of the company and student will have to adhere to the same. Delayed joining may be decided by the company as per their business requirements. The exception to those students who are on ISB exchange program and the exchange program information should have been communicated to CAS and the Company at the time of offer discussion/acceptance or earlier and not later.

If a student reneges the offer, recruiter has the option to make a formal complaint to the placement disciplinary committee. The committee will initiate the process for discussing with the student and the company and a final decision will be taken. Any penalties will be as decided by the committee. They could be among the following:

  • Students who renege an offer will lose Alumni privileges for a period of 3/5 years (who does not join or leave within 6 months of joining the company)


Offer Revoking by the Company

An offer can be revoked by the company on account of student’s misbehaviour or on account of student disclosing offer details to any other student/external members (except CAS office).

If the company reneges the offer made by them because of business exigencies the company will have to help students find suitable jobs. On account of company’s unwillingness or inability to outplace the students, recruiting relationship can be put on hold for one year based on the discretion of CAS and School Management.

In such cases, students will be brought back into the placement process and CAS will help in getting only one more acceptable offer.

Policy for Independent Job Search

The Do Not Touch list has been shared on the Atrium. Students may apply on their own, only to those companies that are not mentioned on the list. They also cannot apply on their own to companies that are registered on the placement portal.

Students following this route of placement must confirm from CAS Office about the companies they are negotiating with and/or offers received and in case of acceptance to be intimated to CAS latest by February 19, 2021, or within 24 hours from the date and time of receipt or acceptance.

  • Students following this route will still be bound by the CAS Policies and any violations will be referred to Placement Disciplinary committee

All students must obtain Clearance from CAS Office by submitting a photocopy of their offer/appointment letter etc., to be eligible for their Final PGP Certificate.

PGP Placement Policy Committee

For Class of 2021, a Placement Policy Committee has been set up.

The objectives of this committee are:

  • To create and ensure that Placement policies are in alignment with the policies of previous years and with the changed scenario.
  • To ensure that the policies are communicated to all the stakeholders – CAC members, Students & Recruiters.
  • To implement the policies during placements in the spirit in which they were created.
  • To ensure fairness and transparency in the placement process.

The Deans’ Council Sub-committee for the Career Advancement Services (CAS):

  1. Chandan Chowdhury -- Ex-Officio chair
  2. Chandra Sripada- HR Connect
  3. Manish Gangwar
  4. Doreswamy Nandkishore (Nandu) (Corporate Connect)
  5. Phil Zerrillo
  6. Prakash Bagri-Corporate Connect
  7. Ramabhadran Thirumalai
  8. Vaidyanathan Krishnamurthy-Finance Placements
  9. Dibyendu Bose
  10. Uday Virmani --Convener


The tenure of the committee would end with the placements for Class of 2021.The Committee will meet as and when required to make decisions regarding the placement process for the PGP.


For More Information, please contact on the below-mentioned details:

Annexure 1

Annexure 2

ISB – Corporate Competitions, Experiential learning Projects or virtual projects (ELP’s) etc.,

Guidelines and Policies for Students


PPI/PPO Policy details:


  1. Every student is eligible to participate in corporate competitions, ELPs etc., unless and until specifically disqualified.
  2. Corporates can choose to offer PPI/PPOs to the selected students/teams (group of students together).
  3. The communication on the PPI/PPO will be shared with the students by Student Engagement and Applied Learning Department (SEAL) while announcing the competition itself or during the competition, so that the students can decide his/her participation keeping in mind that ISB students who get the PPO through competitions, ELP’s etc., it will be considered as one among the two offers s/he is eligible to get. That is, it will be deemed understood on part of the student that if s/he receives an offer it will be counted as one of the two offers. 
  4. PPIs/PPOs will be given only to those students who are part of the placement process.
  5. ISB students who have already got placed or not part of placement process, will not be considered for PPIs/PPOs.
  6. If any student receives PPOs before the Offers Opening Day of Day 0 of Placements, the student needs to immediately acknowledge the PPO by signing the second part of the FIF (Final Interview Form). Final offer announcement will be done on the day 0 of placements along with other offers received on that placement day or till that date.
  7. Students will have to decide by the deadline of Offer Opening date, the offer that they are picking up. i.e. by Day 0 EOD and no extensions and exemptions will be allowed.
  8. If any student receives PPO after scheduled placement days and if they are still in the placement process, the PPO will be opened and closed immediately for action on part of the student. No extensions and exemptions will be allowed in this regard.


Process for students who have received PPI


  • As part of a competition or ELP or other co-curricular activities if a company decides to offer PPI student will be shortlisted by default for an interview/company process.
  • PPI details will be taken from the SEAL department, or if student writes to Career Advancement Services Department (CAS) it will be verified with SEAL for confirmation.
  • Student who has received PPI from a company has to mandatorily apply to one of the roles offered by that company whenever they post it.
  • In case the job is yet to be posted, please save a job counter to apply to the job/s which will be posted by the company
  • If the job has already been posted, please make sure to apply to the job
  • If the job has been posted but the deadline for the same has already elapsed, please share your updated resume with us to be shared with the recruiter and for process ratification (1 counter will be used for this application)
  • Even if a different role is promised to the PPI students, they will have to apply to one of the roles which have been posted by the company, else shortlisting a student and scheduling interviews (for any role) will not be possible.
  • PPI students will be shortlisted by default and these companies will conduct interviews on the specific day of their visit for PPI interviews or along with other role/s interviews.
  • Companies cannot have interviews before the Day 0 of structured placements.
  • Interview schedules will be done as per the information from the company.


For any further questions please contact SEAL/CAS.

Process for students who are expecting PPO (Pre-Placement Offer)

  1. As part of a competition or ELP or other co-curricular activities, a company may decide to give PPO to the winners or to students who have reached the final round of competitions
  2. The company may ask for resumes of these students and conduct interviews.
  3. After the final round company may or may not negotiate and final offer will be made in the name of selected students.
  4. Companies have been adviced to hand over the offers to SEAL or CAS department only and not to students directly. Students should let the company know that the offers must be handed over to CAS/SEAL only. If any student gets the offer directly from the company, the student should inform CAS or SEAL immediately about the offer and forward the same.
  5. A Company cannot decide to interview all applicants for the competition as part of the PPO process as it will be deemed against the PPO policy.  Interviews should be done only to the winners or final round students.
  6. All PPO offers received before Day 0 will be opened along with Day 0 offers and the decision need to be taken by the students on the same day along with other offers.
  7. Any PPO offers received by in-process students after Day 0 will be announced immediately and decision must be taken on the same day as per the announcement.
  8. Companies are not supposed to make any PPO to students who are already out of placements.  Hence, they are requested to keep checking with the SEAL department regarding student’s status before any process happens. This will be in the interest of the students as well as the company.
  9. Any company planning to run an ELP, Competition, etc. exclusively for ISB, and is planning to offer PPI or PPO to the students, should interview the students only during the placement week or later and not before.  This is to ensure that students have fair chance of preparation and interview and later take a just decision.
  10. If the ELPs, Competition etc. are not exclusively for ISB, and the company is planning to offer PPI or PPO to the students:
    1. PPI’s will be scheduled with the regular interview process of that company on the ISB confirmed placement day as decided by the CAS/School.
    2. if offering PPO’s, companies can complete the interview process in the first week of February 2021 and not any time before. Companies are advised to, share the offers (PPO’s) with SEAL and/or CAS only, and not with the students directly.   
  11. If companies are running a process for ELP, Competition, etc., which is not exclusively for ISB and is planning to offer PPO to the students and they are historically not a campus hiring company, CAS and SEAL after multiple level due diligence may allow the company to conduct interviews in advance i.e. prior to February 2021 but the resultant offers must be handed over only to SEAL and/or CAS and not to the students directly.  These offers will be opened and announced to students along with the offers of 1st placement day. 
  12. These offers will be opened and announced to students along with the offers of 1st placement day.  The status (accept/decline) of the PPO offer will be decided by the student in comparison with other offers if any, which s/he has received.


For any further questions please contact SEAL/CAS.


ISB:      Indian School of Business

ELP:     Experiential learning Projects or virtual projects

PPI:      Pre-placement Interview

PPO:    Pre-placement Offer

SEAL:   Student Engagement and Applied Learning Department

CAS:     Career Advancement Services Department

FIF:      Final Interview Form

Annexure – 3

Resume Format and guidelines

Guidelines on Resume Uploaded on Portal to Apply for jobs:

  • To be consistent with the one school philosophy, students should not provide any information in their resume which directly or indirectly indicates the campus (Hyderabad or Mohali) they are from. This includes information like address, location, landline number or any other information that is deemed to have been included only for indicating the home campus. The decision of CAS is final in this regard
  • In case students must apply on Recruiter website and if the location/address is mandatory field you can mention the same. But the resume/application which student upload on CAS Placement Portal and the recruiter websites where the fields are not mandatory, they should not mention details as indicated above.
  • The printing of CGPA in resume is automated upon selection by the student. The position designed for this is, right side top corner of the resume, hence this portion of the CV needs to be kept vacant/blank. Student name should be left aligned and the space against this on the right side will be used to print the CGPA.
  • In case student want his grades to appear on his CV, there is an automated option in the job application page which will pick up student latest CGPA as is on the job application deadline, and auto-populate in the CV. Use this method ONLY to report the latest CGPA.
  • DO NOT resort to manual reporting of manual grades/function wise grades etc under any circumstance. Correct/ incorrect/ inaccurate reporting of grades is a serious offence and will attract strict penalties including, and not limited to getting debarred from campus placements.


The standard margins are fixed to display the CGPA in the right position on the resume, which are provided below: The Margins must be followed for all the pages of the application (EOI + Resume) or if it includes any other document. Resume should be the last page of the application

  • Job application page accepts .PDF documents only.
  • Job application page accepts only 1 pdf document hence students must merge all the information in to one pdf document and upload before the deadline.
  • Students should upload their Application [EOI (wherever applicable) + one pager customized resume] in one PDF document for consideration to recruiter’s job postings. The resume should always be a one pager and it should be the last page of the PDF document as CGPA will be imported in the last page of PDF document uploaded on the portal.
  • Students are accountable for all the information that he/she mentions in their application. Any misrepresentation of fact is a serious violation and will be taken up by the ISB Placement Honor Code Committee.

Students should save their applications ((Resume + EOI) in one PDF file) by the First_Lastname_PGID while it on the Placement Portal