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Placement Policies for Class of 2020



The Placement Policies of the Indian School of Business for the Class of 2020, as framed by Career Advancement Services (CAS) Office comprise the following details

  •    CAS Objectives
  •    Policies for Recruiters
  •    Career Advancement Services (CAS) Office

These policies are applicable to the students of Class of 2020, prospective recruiters and CAS team members.

The current policies are also available online at

   Career Advancement Services (CAS) - Objectives

  • Enable placements for all students participating in the process for the above-mentioned class
  • Develop and maintain strong relationships with recruiters
  • Work with recruiters to align the talent availability at ISB with talent needs of market in terms of number of offers, roles and compensation
  • Manage a streamlined Placement process, taking care of the interests of the students, recruiters and the School
  • Provide feedback for building relevant competencies in students to the Learning & Development team at ISB

 Placement Process at the ISB – Class of 2020

   Policies for Recruiters

The placement process is designed to ensure that both the recruiters and the students can spend quality time with each other and arrive at satisfying decisions. The Career Advancement Services (CAS) office at the ISB works towards ensuring a smooth placement process.

   Integrated Placements

Integrated Placements are a natural extension of the ‘One School Two Campuses’ philosophy that ISB follows, according to which, the admission policy, academic calendar, mix of resident and visiting faculty and the placement policy are common across both the ISB campuses.

All job postings will be open to and applicable for students across both the campuses in equal measure. Shortlisted students from both the campuses will be made available for interviews/ selection process as per the respective placement schedules at the designated venue/s.

Companies are encouraged to visit both campuses for sessions/PPTs by sending representatives of equal rank for better student interaction.

To optimize the recruiting experience, CAS follows a five-step process:

  • Online Registration
  • Job postings, Applications (Expression of interest – EOI and Resume) and Shortlists
  • Interviews
  • Job Offers and Acceptances
   Online Registration:

Recruiters are required to register online at For any assistance in registering, the CAS team may be contacted at or the CAS representative who is in touch with you. By accepting the policies online, recruiters have agreed for terms & conditions of the policies, additionally recruiters can also accept the terms and conditions by mailing a printed signed copy of “Terms and Conditions for campus recruitment for Recruiters” available on the website and send it to the CAS office address given at the end of this document.  Online acceptance is sufficient, hardcopy is not mandatory but good to have.

  Job Posting, Applications and Shortlist

  • Job postings can be uploaded by the recruiter on the ISB placement website
  • Students will respond by submitting their applications (Expression of Interest-EOI and/or Resume) according to the company’s deadlines as agreed with the CAS
  • Companies are requested to forward shortlist/s to the CAS office or update the same in the placement portal as per the shortlist date mentioned in the online job posting or at least 15 days before the interview date. If shortlist is forwarded to CAS office, CAS will announce the same to students. Interview process details should be provided at least 7 days prior to the designated placement day.
  • Blue Tag job posting: A job posting which clearly specifies Designation, Work Location (except for leadership roles or MT roles), job description and total CTC (within a range of INR 2 lakhs) – indicating Fixed & Variable Components thereof, without any ambiguity, is considered as a Blue Tag Job Posting. The student applying to such Job Posting cannot negotiate on the offer made


November 18, 2019 to March 30, 2020: Interviews will be held between 0800 hrs to 1800 hrs.and continued in the night if required.

  • An International placements day is planned this year on 18th November 2019.

  • The Domestic placements will happen from 20th November 2019, and the placement process will continue if required until March 30, 2020

  • CAS Corporate Business Development (CBD) Member or placement office will notify the placement day for your organization.

Companies will have to visit campus only on the designated placement days. Interview schedules will be prepared by ISB based on the student preference or availability. Companies are requested to adhere to this schedule only. Companies are to meet all their shortlisted students before releasing offers. Companies cannot hold a student more than the time specified in the interview schedule or one hour whichever is less. The Volunteer will request the panel to release the student so that student can attend interviews of other companies. Incase companies do not cooperate to the request, ISB can intervene and stop the process.

Pre- Interview Process: Companies can visit campuses to complete their Pre-interview processes (if any) before the placement day assigned to them. Companies cannot make offers on these dates. Companies will have to complete this process for all shortlisted students from both campuses, before their respective placement day. No pre-processes or presentations will happen on the designated placement days. Pre-process are activities such as Group discussions, online or assessment tests, group case writing or other similar activities.

Companies need to visit both campuses physically if interviewing in between the Placement Days.

   PPO policy:

Companies offering Experiential Learning Projects (ELPs) or competitions and wishing to make Pre-Placement Offers (PPOs) or Pre-Placement Interviews (PPIs) should inform the CAS Office and SEAL Office before November 14, 2019. If a student receives a PPO it will be considered as One Offer of the two which s/he is eligible for, and if accepted, it will be treated as an "Accepted Offer" and the student will be out of the placement process. Acceptance of the offer, by the student, can happen only by end of Day 1 along with other Day 1 offers and not before. A detailed PPI/PPO policy is circulated by SEAL department and the same is appended in Annexure II.

  Job Offers and Acceptance policy:

  • The ISB allows a student to receive up to TWO offers. In case the student decides to accept the first offer received, s/he will be immediately taken out of placement process.
  • Companies are requested to process the Visa requirements and other travel formalities, for students who may have to attend an interview in any of the client’s location (International/Domestic).
  • To facilitate logistics for international companies/teams, whose recruiting calendar is different, CAS allows them to complete the process earlier. The dates could be fixed in consultation with CAS. Such firms will have to hand over sealed Final Interview Forms (FIF) & offers to CAS. The final offers will be opened only at the end of the Day 1 Placements as decided on that day. Also note that ISB has planned for an International Placement day (18 Nov, 2019) just before Day 1 to accommodate some International companies where the hiring process is managed by international locations, teams conducting processes are also from international locations and the offers that are given are also for international locations. Only such companies can participate on this day.
  • All companies are requested to hand over the filled-in FIF to CAS, on completion of the process and to send the Formal Offer Letter (soft/hard copy) within 15 days or March 31, 2020 (whichever is earlier), to the CAS Office address mentioned below.
    • FINAL INTERVIEW FORM: To make an offer to a student, companies need to complete the FIF as explained below.
    • Part 01 - At the end of the final interview, if company representatives are considering making an offer to the student, they have to fill in the FIF with details of the terms and conditions subject to which the offer will be made and sign the document, and also mention whether it is negotiated or not.
    • Part 2 - The student’s signature confirms that s/he has fully understood the terms on which the company may make an offer. If an offer is made by the company the student will receive it as one of the two offers which s/he is eligible for. Recruiter signature in part 1, Negotiated or not, Student signature in part 2 of the FIF is not applicable for the Blue Tag Job postings
    • Part 03 - On deciding to make an offer, the offer confirmation portion is completed by the recruiter and then the Final Interview Form is handed over to the Career Advancement Services (CAS) Office in a sealed envelope
  • CAS will broadcast the student status on the placement website at the end of each placement day. The updated status can be viewed in the placement portal
  • Students are required to confirm their Acceptance/Decline of job offers according to the company’s deadline mentioned in the FIF or as indicated online. The offer acceptance deadline that a recruiter can provide for is 24hrs
  • Companies who have recruited students from the current class should inform CAS the actual Date of Joining (DOJ) at least one month before the DOJ.
  • If the company reneges the offer made by them, they will have to help students find suitable jobs with similar salaries, location, etc.
  • Even though the company has reneged offer or delayed the date of joining - they must pay the placement fee by June of the next financial year as per terms for campus placements.

     Important dates:

             Pre placement talks                          : on specified dates only, Contact CAS CR member or Placement office

             Pre – Placement offers                     : November 14, 2019

             Job Posting, Applications                 : September 18, 2019 onwards

             Shortlists                                           : As per the shortlist date mentioned in the online job posting or at least 15 days before the interview date

             Interviews                                          : International Day– Nov 18, 2019   Domestic - November 20, 2019 to March 30, 2020

             Job offers Letters                               : 15 days from the date of offer or March 31, 2020 whichever is earlier

  • You may use the student eprofiler as a reference to get a snapshot of the student pool at ISB. We urge you not to use the eprofiler for short listing students eprofiler:
  • Please channel all communication related to placements only through the CAS office. ( or concerned team member as convenient

  CAS policies are also available on the website:

     Placement Fees

  • All recruiters are charged placement fees based on the number of acceptances for offers they made on campus, and the day of participation in placement calendar.
  • The fee applicable for the current year 2019-20 is given in Annexure 1.

     Anti Discrimination and Sexual Harassment Policy

 The Indian School of Business (ISB) is committed to creating an environment free of any discrimination based on age, caste, creed, color, disability, gender, nationality, religion, or sexual orientation.

 Creating an environment that is free of prejudice is an integral part of the anti-discrimination policy at the ISB. By such an environment, we mean that opportunities are based on merit and not on any discriminating factor mentioned above. Further, we are respectful of the differences in people and the environment is free of harassment based on these differences. A more specific form of discrimination and harassment is based on gender i.e., sexual harassment. Sexual harassment includes unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other physical or verbal conduct of a sexual nature.

   Visitors to the ISB campus are supposed to be aware of the School’s Anti discrimination and Anti sexual harassment policy and adhere to it.

For further details contact: Corporate Business Development Team





Amala Pujita Vangala

International/Emerging Markets


Shrinivas Hari

International/Emerging Markets (Regional Head)


Vibha Kumar



Amit Abrol

North and West 1 (Regional Head)


Kunal Dhawan



Praveen Kumar



Sushanth Ghane



Pooja Joshi



Kiran Neti

South and Sri Lanka (Regional Head)


Sravanthi Gorakanti



Chandrakant Singh

West 1


Manjula Ganguly

West 1


Mandar Desai

West 2 (Regional Head)


Mohit Sharma

West 2


Ankit Agarwal

ISB Hyderabad (Head – Strategy & Execution)


Urmi Mehta

ISB Mohali (S&E)


Kishore H

ISB Hyderabad (Head – Program Management)


     Uday Virmani

Director – Career Advancement Services

Indian School of Business

ISB Campus, Gachibowli, Hyderabad – 500032, Telangana, India Corporate Identity Number: U80100TG1997NPL036631

Ph: +91 40 23187402/ 7523 Fax: +91 40 23007030



Annexure 1

The fee structure for participation in ISB’s placement program is as follows: –

   Fixed Placement Cost – Class of 2020

Fixed Placement Cost - Class of 2020

Placement Dates

Up to 2 Accepted offers (INR*)

3- 5 Accepted offers (INR*)

6- 10 Accepted offers (INR*)

11- 15 Accepted offers (INR*)

16- 20 Accepted offers (INR*)

21 and Above Accepted offers (INR*)

Day 01 or earlier

Rs 2,50,000/-

Rs 4,50,000/-

Rs 6,00,000/-

Rs 8,00,000/-

Rs 10,00,000/-

Rs 12,00,000/-

After Day 1

Rs. 50,000/- will be charged for every accepted offer

 GST @ 18 % to be added to the above Placement fee

(* Note: All the above charges are Exclusive of GST, the existing rate for the current financial year being 18%)

  • The ISB will raise an invoice for the Fixed Placement cost towards infrastructural support, plus applicable tax (the existing tax rate for the current financial year being 18%) depending on the number of acceptances and first placement day which the company have participated. A company’s slot will be confirmed on the basis of student tiering and the preference of the company.
  • The above placement cost is exclusive of boarding and transportation charges incurred for the interviews at the ISB.
  • Charges will be applicable based on the first date of the interview if the company visits multiple times.
  • Companies are requested to make payments within 30 days from the invoice date.


    For any clarifications, contact placement office or BM member.

Annexure 2

ISB – Corporate Competitions

Guidelines and Policies for Corporates

     PPI/PPO Policy:

  1. 1Corporate competitions/ELP's will be announced by SEAL for all the student community.
  2. Rules and regulations, selection process, evaluation process, etc., to be communicated by the Corporates to SEAL.
  3. The communication on the PPI/PPO will be shared with the students by SEAL while announcing the competition itself, so that the students can decide his/her participation keeping this in mind.
  4. Also, by applying to a competition/ELP, it is deemed understood on part of the student that if s/he receives an offer it will be counted as one of the two offers.
  5. The final list of PPIs/PPOs for ISB students should be communicated to SEAL through an email ( SEAL will inform CAS and Students.
  6. PPIs/PPOs to be given to those students who are in the placement process only
  7. If any student receives PPOs before the Offers Opening Day of Day 1 of Placements, the student needs to immediately acknowledge the PPO by signing the second part of the FIF (Final Interview Form).
  8. Students will have to decide by the deadline of Offer Opening date on the offer that they are going for, by Day 1 EOD and no extensions and exemptions will be allowed.
  9. If any student receives PPO after Day 1 or Week 1 of placements to students who are part of the placement process, it will be opened and closed immediately, no extensions and exemptions will be allowed.
  10. ISB students who have already got placed/jobs will not be considered for PPIs/PPOs.
  11. Post Day 1 or Week 1 of ISB Placements, ISB students who have signed out of placements, and are still in some stage of the competitions and if they get PPOs/PPIs, they will not be allowed to renege on the original offer that they have got during placements.
  12. The list of ISB students who are placed, and part of the competition will be shared with the corporates.
  13. ISB students who get the PPO through competitions, it will be considered as one among the two offers.


    ISB:        Indian School of Business

    PPI:        Pre-placement Interview

    PPO:      Pre-placement Offer

    SEAL:     Student Engagement and Applied Learning Department

    CAS:      Career Advancement Services Department

    FIF:        Final Interview Form

    AO:        Acceptable Offer